Police Bike Patrol Training Course

A bike patrol training course used to keep officers up to date on riding skills, bike knowledge, and learn new bike patrol techniques specific to law enforcement.

Location: On-site/Pre-arranged

Date: TBD

Time: 8:00am to 6:00pm (10 hour)


Course Overview: Students will be completing the following course outline. Any adjustments or special requests can be accommodated.

Requirements: This is a basic skills, riding and safety class. Individuals should be in good physical shape and have some riding experience. Officers are asked to wear comfortable clothing suited for training. Full bike patrol attire is highly recommended, including duty belt and equipment.

Description:  Students will learn to demonstrate and perform basic bike patrol techniques including: mounting and dismounting, emergency stops, slow maneuvering, curb hopping, traffic safety, nutrition, basic maintenance, bike positioning, and other basic skills.

Equipment:  Officers will need their fully equipped patrol bikes in good and safe working order. ABPS will provide back up patrol bikes to use and gloves & a water bottle to keep. ABPS instructors are also certified technicians that can conduct untimely repairs sometimes experienced during class. Most of our transport vehicles are also fully stocked mobile bike shops with enough inventories to handle most problems incurred during the course.

Materials: All materials required to complete the class will be provided. This includes reference and testing materials, framed certificate of completion, officers’ evaluations and scores.

Note: Although this course follows the general outlines of the California State Law Enforcement bike patrol courses, we can modify or accommodate special requirements, as needed for your department needs. This class is currently not POST certified.

On-Site Classes: Classes are set up at your site with a minimum amount of students. Departments can combine students from other agencies at their discretion. Please contact us for details and set-up arrangements

Tuition: Cost of the course can be billed to the department on open terms. Travel, fuel and lodging costs for out of area courses can be divided up among all attending agencies. Please contact us with any questions.

Course Outline

Class Description 

  • Introduction
  • Class Objectives and Overview      
  • Course Briefing, Field Riding    
  • Pre-Testing and Materials intro


  • Riding Techniques/Subject contacts
  • Safety on the road and Safety Equipment
  • Maintenance, ABC Quick Check

Patrol Techniques

  • Slow Maneuvers and Steering, Balance and Pedaling and Shifting
  • Descending Stairs and Ascending stairs
  • Emergency Braking/Curb hopping
  • Mounting and Dismounting Techniques

Course Overview

  • Riding Remediation
  • Evaluations
  • Testing and Patrol Policies