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Segway Maintenance and Repair

LA and the Surrounding Southern California Area

Experience The Leading 24/7, Full-Service Segway Maintenance and Repair From American Bike Patrol Services

American Bike Patrol Services provides Segway maintenance and repair services to LA and the greater surrounding Southern California areas. Safeguard your Segway fleet with support from a company you can trust and Segway services you can rely on.


Why trust Segway maintenance and repair to American Bike Patrol Services?

  • • Improved safety
  • • Heightened employee productivity
  • • Competent technicians
  • • Services that fit your schedule
  • • Skilled repairs
  • • Quick services

Keep Your Segway Fleet in Optimal Condition With Segway Maintenance and Repair From American Bike Control Services

24/7 Segway support in the Southern California area!

Improved Safety

Routine Segway maintenance and repair from American Bike Patrol Services is vital to the safety of your Segway fleet and the protection of those who use them. Many times Segways are used as emergency response vehicles and need to operate at increased speeds, and nothing creates a hazardous situation like a Segway that breaks down at high speeds! Avoid safety issues and keep your employees safe with regularly scheduled Segway maintenance and repair from American Bike Patrol Services.

Heightened Employee Productivity

Segways are implemented into many law enforcement and security agencies as a means to help protect and serve the Southern California communities at large. Productivity and the ability to perform their safety and security duties can be dramatically decreased when your Segway fleet isn’t up to par and some vehicles are inoperable. Not only are officers unable to quickly respond, but there may be less enforcement on patrol due to a lack of Segway availability. Support your employees and the community by investing in routine Segway maintenance and repair from American Bike Patrol Services.

Competent Technicians

It’s vital to your Segway fleet that you have technicians who know how to repair and maintain each Segway model. Because you need them operating at full capacity on a regular basis, you need the expertise that only American Bike Patrol Services can provide. Not only do we know how to repair and maintain a variety of Segway models, we understand their intricacies and know what to look for as we diagnose the issues. Segways are a large majority of the mobility vehicles we service, making us the trusted choice in the LA and Southern California area.

Convenient Service Appointments

The last thing you want to add to your plate is scheduling maintenance and repair appointments for your Segway fleet. Not only do you have to coordinate dropping them off and picking them up, but also when you can actually fit this into your already hectic schedule! This also creates a hindrance in your security logistics and operations — there are additional Segways out, which leads to reduced security coverage in the community. American Bike Patrol has you covered! We offer 24/7 availability in Segway maintenance and repair, so there is never a hassle in getting your Segway fleet up and running again! We provide on-site maintenance and repair and will have your Segways operational within typically a same-day turnaround time.

Skilled Segway Repairs

American Bike Patrol Services knows Segways! It’s important to partner with a company that knows their way around Segways, not only because there is a broad range of models, but because Segways differ from other mobility vehicles. We’re familiar with all make and models of Segways and a large amount of our repair and maintenance are on Segway mobility vehicles. We’ve been servicing Segways for over two decades and are familiar with all of the maintenance and repair that’s required.

Quick Services

Quick service appointments are integral to law enforcement and security operations because you need a full fleet of Segways up and ready every single day! American Bike Patrol Services provides quick Segway maintenance and repair services to keep your operations moving smoothly. We come to you and provide on-site maintenance and repair services that are quick and efficient to get your Segway fleet fully operational.

Make Segway Maintenance and Repair a Part of Your Operations With American Bike Control Services