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Segway Training

Location: On-site/Pre-arranged (equipment items are provided)

Date: TBD

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm


Requirements: This is a basic skills, riding and safety class. Individuals should be in good physical shape and have some Segway experience preferably. Officers are asked to wear comfortable clothing suited for training. Please, no street attire (including slacks, dress shirts or boots).


Description: Students will learn basic Segway patrol techniques including: mounting and dismounting, emergency stops, slow maneuvering, curb drops, traffic safety, nutrition, basic Segway maintenance, platform positioning, and other basic skills. Students will be required to meet the riding skills test and pass a written examination.


Equipment: ABPS will provide the student with testing material, gloves & water bottles and cinch backpack to keep. Due to hygiene concerns, new patrol helmets are available for students at a reduced cost for your department. Use of personal equipment is the sole responsibility of the officer. All equipment will meet A.N.S.I. requirements as mandated by U.S. safety standards.


Materials: All materials required for the course will be provided. This includes reference and testing materials, certificate of completion, officers’ evaluations, and scores.


Note: Although this course follows the outline of a basic Segway safety course and has been modified to adapt to law enforcement patrol applications. It is strictly an instructional and safety course taught by factory trained, certified instructors. If your department requires or allows the use of special equipment, please call us with your requests, and we will modify the course curriculum as needed.


On-Site Classes: We can set up classes at your site with a minimum amount of students. Departments can combine students from other agencies at their discretion. Please contact us for details and set-up arrangements.


Certification: Officers receive a certification of completion upon satisfactorily passing both the written and practical applications. Certifications will expire one year from the printed date.


Tuition: Cost of the course ($295.00) plus helmet ($44.95) can be billed to the department on open terms. Travel expenses out of the area (lodging/Fuel) are extra and can be divided among departments trained.


Course Overview: All students will be completing the following course outline below. All of our classes were specially developed for Segway patrol as utilized by law enforcement.

Course Overview


  • Course Briefing, Intro & Background
  • Class Objectives and Overview      
  • Pre-Testing and Materials Intro



  • Riding Techniques/ Platform Positioning / Weight distribution
  • Operating Limits, Shake Warnings, Safety Shutdown
  • Power, Moving, Turning, Braking, Securing
  • Cone Patterns, Formation Riding, Obstacles

Patrol Techniques

  • Slow Riding, Reverse Turns, Static Turns
  • Descending Steps/Curbs and Ascending Stairs
  • Emergency Braking/ Offset Curbs
  • Mounting and Dismounting Techniques/ Control
  • Safety on the Road, Parking Lots and Crowded Areas

Course Overview

  • Riding Remediation /Practical testing
  • Written Testing and Patrol Policies
  • Evaluations / Certifications


Maintenance & Repairs

ABPS provides onsite 24/7 full-service maintenance for all makes of Segways. Our services range from from the simplest adjustment or tune-up to complete overhauls. Pick-up, delivery and on-site repair service is available within the L.A. metropolitan area and surrounding counties.

Call (800) 488-9690 or email us at any time to learn more about repair pricing or to schedule an on-site or pick up/delivery service.


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