A police officer riding the ATR 528 Police eBike

1000 Watt Mid-Drive Motor | All Terrian Response 528 Police Ebike

1000w Mid-Drive Motor: Accomplish Any Job

An eBike with a big frame and two strong 48-volt batteries needs a strong motor to power it. Not only is the 1000w motor more than capable of moving any officer to speeds of 28 mph quickly, but thanks to its 1500w peak output, officers can use either pedal or throttle assist to efficiently accelerate themselves to that or any lower desired speed.

TYPES OF MOTOR: There are three types of motors: Front, rear, and mid-drive. Front and rear motors are often called hub motors because they are built in the hub of the wheel, whereas mid-drive motors are built in the bottom center of the bike frame. 

Advantages of a 1000W Mid-Drive Motor:

SPEED: A max speed of 28mph classifies the ATR 528 as a Class 3 eBike.

RANGE: The ATR's mid-drive motor, in conjunction with the dual batteries, can provide a range of over 70 miles depending on the weight and terrain.

Photo of the motor and chain ring on the ATR 528 Police eBike

POWER: With a max 1500w peak output, the mid-drive motor can help with quick acceleration, or scenarios where you need increased torque to aid in climbing or terrain traversal.

FLEXIBILITY: The motor itself has 5 power levels and a max speed of 28 mph. In conjunction with the 9-speed gear shift system, you can control your torque to help improve your speed on flat terrain and drastically improve hill climbing.

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