American Bike Patrol Services has provided bike patrol training, patrol bikes, and other equipment to law enforcement and security agencies since the early 1990's. Our courses are taught by California POST certified instructors who have been involved with bike patrol since its inception in Southern California. We offer on-site classes with a minimum amount of students for additional convenience. Departments can combine students from other agencies at their discretion. Each bike patrol training course is tailored to the individual needs of your agency. Please contact us for details and to set-up arrangements — it’s simple and easy! Either email or call us at (800) 488-9690 and let us know how many students will be attending the desired bike patrol training course. Read on and explore the rest of our website to learn more about the history and advantages of bicycle/eBike patrol, and how American Bike Patrol Services can help you and your department.


At American Bike Patrol Services, we tailor all of our courses to the specific needs of your department. We understand you may have special considerations, so we don’t just offer cookie-cutter training courses. In addition to providing all necessary supplies, we are generally able to travel to your location for the course — contact us to learn more! The course will be specific to the needs of your security or police department, and will consist of several sections to provide your officers with all the information they need to know. Our courses are laid out as follows:

  1. An introduction section with an initial briefing and pre-test
  2. A hands-on training section, which has officers get on the bikes to learn all the necessary bike patrol techniques and safety procedures.
  3. Final evaluations and a final test, which will result in a certification upon successful completion.
Bike Patrol Training


In addition to offering security and police bike patrol training, we offer California POST Certified training for modern electric bikes, or eBikes. A relatively new implementation into bike patrol units, eBikes can be an invaluable asset to your department, offering increased speed and ease of mobility. In our eBike courses, riders will learn the same basic skills taught in other courses, in addition to eBike specific knowledge such as:

•Operational procedure

•eBike laws

•Speed control



•Other basic riding and eBike-specific skills

With our California POST Certified eBike patrol training course, we can accelerate your department's capabilities and elevate your enforcement!

eBike Patrol Training


American Bike Patrol Services can handle all of your bike patrol needs. In addition to our bike patrol training and maintenance services, you can visit our online store to purchase any equipment you may need to outfit your department and get them ready for the road. We sell everything from patrol bikes and mobility vehicles, to bike patrol accessories and clothing. Feel confident knowing that whatever your needs are, we got you covered!


The modern idea of policing has been mostly standard practice for centuries, and police bikes have been an essential asset for the majority of that history. In some form or another, police bikes have been involved in patrol programs since the late 1800s, decades before the first police car was introduced to American policing!

The earliest recorded uses of bicycles in policing arrived in the 1860s, and as technology and production quality improved over the next few decades, bicycles became a new standard in policing. After agencies soon realized the potential for more widespread coverage and greater speeds allowed by bicycles, their popularity quickly caught wind, which led to their extensive use by police in North America.

As modern transportation evolved, the use of motorcycles and automobiles in police work became standard in the early 20th century. This remained the case throughout the mid part of the century, but a changing America required a changing approach to policing. Patrol cars offered the advantage of speed and the ability to patrol large zones of a city, at the downfall of isolating officers from the citizens around them. This led to a resurgence of bike patrol, after departments realized the need for policing that allowed closer contact with the community. Bike patrol also offered the benefits of community outreach, stealth, and ease of mobility through tight spaces, all while still covering a large area. Bike patrol became widespread for use in modern cities, campuses, and other urban areas, and has remained as a standard in modern patrol practices.

Today, American Bike Patrol Services carries on the long history and legacy of bike patrol. We are able to train and supply equipment for the specific needs of your department.. We’ve been involved in the industry since the early 1990s, and can meet all your qualifications to provide the best in bike patrol training, outfitting, and maintenance.



The most effective policing and security occurs when multiple units come together to form an overarching strategy. Within a police force, different units can work together to cover as much ground as possible. This is done with patrol cars, beat officers, and, of course, police bikes. Each of these positions have their own distinct advantages, providing the best total coverage when they all function as a whole. Bike patrol offers a wide range of positive attributes — read on to learn about just a few of them.


    A major advantage of bicycles are how much lower the up-front and maintenance costs are compared to other options. Patrol eBikes/bikes generally fall in the $900 - $5,000 price range, which is substantially more affordable than the price of new patrol cars. eBikes/bikes cost less and are quicker to repair than patrol cars, saving agencies up to $7,000 a year on maintenance alone.


    Bike patrol offers the unique benefit of being less threatening to the public while maintaining the respect and professionalism associated with police. The quality of being more approachable allows bike patrol officers the chance for greater outreach in their communities, as there is often less stigma and fear around bike patrol officers than the flashing lights of patrol cars.


    Our eBikes/bikes produce zero emissions, reducing air pollution and improving overall air quality in urban areas. This is in stark contrast to patrol cars. They require minimal electricity to charge, which can often be sourced from renewable energy, further reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, electric and conventional bikes are quieter than patrol cars, reducing noise pollution in communities.


    Bike patrol offers the distinct safety advantage of being much more stealthy than patrol cars, because someone committing a crime is much less likely to notice/lookout for an officer on an eBike/bike. This gives departments that use bike patrol a greater advantage when it comes to noticing a crime in progress and preventing it from escalating, which, in turn, makes their communities safer for everyone to enjoy.


Bike patrol offers a distinct advantage when used in cities to navigate congestion and gridlock. Rather than officers remaining stuck in their cars, they are able to navigate through traffic and remain on constant patrol, while also having more direct contact with the community.


Campuses are one of the best places to utilize a bike patrol unit. Due to the unique advantages inherent to this type of policing, officers are able to navigate all areas of a campus, including roads, sidewalks, and plazas, putting themselves into the heart of the action at all times. Bike patrol on campus also allows officers to better enforce crowd management during school events, and have greater enforcement of overall pedestrian safety at all times.


Bike patrol offers the perfect solution for monitoring and securing any variety of large events, such as concerts, sporting events, political events, or any other large gathering. Additionally, properly trained bike patrol officers can be invaluable for crowd management settings by keeping situations calm, and ensuring the safety of everyone.


Bike patrol has a long and effective history in American policing and security. We are proud to continue this legacy and offer top-quality training, maintenance, and service to those in both Southern California and across the country. The knowledge that comes from our 20+ years of experience and years of product testing ensure your department will get the training and equipment you need to Elevate your Enforcement and perform at your best. Give us a call today to see firsthand how we can help your department!