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Financing Options for Your Bike Patrol Purchase

If financial concerns are preventing your department or security agency from being fully outfitted with the necessary bike patrol equipment, a payment plan might be the right option. Bike patrol offers a wide variety of benefits to almost any department, and the right payment plan can get your officers outfitted with the necessary equipment right away. 

In the case of equipment that can be easily reused, such as bikes and other mobility vehicles, payment plans can be set up on a rent-to-return basis. Equipment like uniforms generally have a rent-to-own plan. Whatever your department’s needs, a plan that makes sense for you can be achieved!



Why Choose Bike Patrol for Your Department?

At American Bike Patrol Services, we’ve been helping departments with all of their bike patrol needs since the early 1990s. From training departments to outfitting officers with bikes and other gear for bike patrol, we are a trusted name in the industry. We can provide everything your department needs, from full bikes and other mobility vehicles, to replacement parts and 24/7 bike maintenance services in the Los Angeles area. Adding bike patrol to your department offers benefits such as:

  • A wider access of areas on patrol
  • A less threatening presence
  • Improved community outreach
  • Greater stealth and use of the senses on patrol
  • Health benefits
  • Ease of patrol at outdoor events

How to Begin a Payment Plan for Bike Patrol Equipment

For the necessary equipment procurement, we recommend Navitas Credit Corp. to begin a payment plan. With a payment plan such as this, your department is able to pay through monthly payments rather than an upfront payment. Depending on the necessary equipment, you can choose to buy out the equipment or lease it to be returned sometime later.



  • Police bikes
  • eBikes
  • Trikkes
  • Segways
  • Uniforms
  • Helmets
  • Accessories

All equipment in our store is eligible for this program, provided the minimum order of $1,000 is met.

Choose American Bike Patrol Service for the Best Bike Patrol Equipment

If a limited budget is preventing you from adding bike patrol capabilities to your department, a payment plan can be an affordable and convenient solution. Don’t miss out on the benefits offered by bike patrol — get your officers properly outfitted today! Follow the link below to visit Navitas Credit Corp, and fill out the form to get started.