A police officer performing a reversal maneuver on the ATR 528 Police eBike

Dual Battery | All Terrian Response 528 Police eBike

ATR 528 Police eBike Battery: Double The Power and Range

Traditionally, eBikes used specifically for bike patrol often lead much to be desired in regards to range, speed, and power. We decided to attack that issue head-on by introducing a dual battery system on all of our ATR 528 units.

With a dual battery system, paired with our powerful 1000w motor, you can ensure you'll be getting increased power, speed, and range on every ride.

Key Advantages of Dual 48-volt Battery

POWER AND EFFICIENCY: The two smart 48-volt batteries work hand in hand to aid in longevity and speed during patrol by distributing the load evenly between each other, maximizing battery power.

SPEED: Having two high-capacity batteries also allows the motor to be pushed to 1500w for instant acceleration, torque, and the ability to maintain 28 mph without sacrificing range.

RANGE: Having a dual battery system provides a best-in-class range of over 70-100 miles on a single charge under good riding conditions and bike load.

SAFETY: The batteries were created with an integrated balance discharge system, meaning both batteries safely discharge themselves at the same time while not in use or in storage. Additionally, the cells have a protected, hard shell casing which helps contain and minimize the risk of potential hazards, such as harmful substances or electrical components. Both batteries are UL-2849 and UL-2271 certified and have built-in smart charging capabilities to prevent overcharging, over-discharge, and short circuiting, reducing the risks of potential fires from battery damage.

HOT SWAP: Two keys are provided to unlock and remove the batteries from the frame for storage, external charging, swapping, or any other needs.

INCREASED DURABILITY: Naturally, all batteries experience slight degradation on each charge. The addition of two batteries eliminates the need to charge as frequently, which can increase battery life.

AMP Hours Are Just As Important

Batteries always state their Voltage and Amp-Hours. Voltage shows how much speed and power your batteries will have, while amp-hours determine how much range you can expect.

To calculate the battery's power, just multiply the voltage (V) by the amp-hours (mAh) to receive your watt-hours (Wh), or (mAh)*(V)=Wh. The ATR 528 has one 48-volt 20Ah battery, and a second 48-volt 15Ah battery, calculating to a total of 1,680 watt-hours of power. It's best to have as many watt-hours as possible to ensure your batteries have the range and power needed to handle any patrol scenario.

Testing During Training: 

The ATR 528 is the most common police eBike used by agencies at our California POST Police eBike classes. Battery life exceeds any other eBike during our one day patrol trainings, averaging less than 25% use the whole day.  Our rental fleet is available so officers have an opportunity to ride and compare eBikes to assure they can experienced all the attributes the ATR 528 police eBike offers, including extensive battery life.

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