CA Department of Parks and Recreation eBike Training with ABPS

Repost from: Parks and Rec Weekly Digest with ABPS eBike Patrol Training

ABPS eBike Training collage

Photos from Victor Leyva, American Bike Patrol Services Inc. 

State Park Peace Officer (SPPO) (Ranger) Zachary Dell and SPPO (Lifeguard) Carlos Alfaro attended a daylong e-bike patrol course on Sunday, March 24, with
e-bike training company American Bike Patrol Services Inc. The course taught new skills and expanded the approach to police patrol with other officers from the City of Vernon, San Bernardino County Sheriff, and Rancho Santiago Canyon College. Toward the end of the day, the class got caught in a rain/hailstorm, which the instructor said was "the worst weather in the history of his company," established in 1991.

Orange Coast South Sector is looking forward to implementing the e-bike patrol program and is planning to patrol regularly on bike by summer. 


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