ABPS provides on-site, 24/7 full-service maintenance for all makes of patrol bicycles and eBikes. Our services range from the simplest adjustment or tune-up to complete overhauls. Pickup, delivery, and our on-site repair service is available within the L.A. metropolitan area and surrounding counties.

Check for more information below about our Ebike Maintenance Program.

CALL (800)488-9690 or email us at any time to schedule an on-site repair or pickup/delivery service.

If you need bike/eBike repairs for your personal bicycle, visit our Mobile Bike Pros website to learn about what services are available.


All of our bicycle mechanics come from a strong cycling or racing background, giving them the knowledge and skills your department can rely on. Additionally, ALL bike mechanics must complete a standard, but detailed in-house training course in bike patrol to better understand the demands placed on law enforcement bikes during patrol.


    We offer various service agreements that meet your department's needs. Our technicians will evaluate your bikes and recommend service options for your agency. The service agreement that best suits your department will depend on the following factors:

    • The current condition of the bike
    • The rider
    • Weekly usage
    • Local weather and terrain.

    We offer complete e/bike fleet maintenance services for new or existing bikes in your department's fleet. We offer the following:

    1. Scheduled on-site maintenance for your department's patrol bikes.
    2. Courtesy rental bikes if we need to remove bikes for further service.
    3. Complete electronic service records for all bikes in the program.
  • STEP 1

    Call Us. We'll figure out what repairs you need and schedule them at your convenience.

  • STEP 2

    We'll send our certified technicians and service vehicle to do all your repairs on-site.

  • STEP 3

    Now your bikes are ready to go! Invoices are sent out in 1-2 business days.

Different angles of a repaired Segway SE-3 Patroller

SEGWAY SE-3 Patroller Tune-Ups

Contact Us about Segway SE-3 Tune Ups.

*Due to the short supply of parts, parts and repairs are limited*

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*NEW* bikes purchased from American Bike Patrol Services automatically come with our low-cost, on-site maintenance services.

ABPS does not cover worn out parts or components caused by normal wear and tear. Older bikes may need replacement parts not covered under service agreements, however, labor would be included at no extra charge (with service agreements). A pickup/delivery charge will apply if bikes are not covered under a service agreement. 
Keeping bikes clean prior to service helps prevent the need for maintenance of exposed components.

National Fleet Maintenance is available with large ATR 528 ebike fleets.