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Maintenance and Safety | All Terrain Response 528 Police eBike

An eBike built with peace of mind.

The ATR 528 Police eBike was built with safety and ease of use in mind. Keep scrolling to learn about our dual smart batteries, water resistant components, recommended storage and maintenance plan, and how you can elevate your department with CA POST Certified eBike classes with American Bike Patrol Services.

Battery Discharge and Safety: The ATR 528's dual high capacity batteries safely discharge themselves while not in use or in storage. Additionally, the cells have a protected, hard shell casing which helps contain and minimize the risk of potential hazards, such as harmful substances or electrical components. Both batteries are UL-2849 and UL-2271 certified and have built-in smart charging capabilities to prevent overcharging, over-discharge, and short circuiting, reducing the risks of potential fires from battery damage.

Water Resistant Components: The ATR 528 eBike is equipped with high quality, water resistant components with heavily insulated wiring, ensuring your LCD display, lights, brakes, and siren continue to work in most wet environments without issue. 

Storage: We recommend storing your eBikes safely inside or under cover from outdoor elements to help extend the life of parts and components while not in use. You can store the whole eBike with batteries attached for short term, but we highly recommend removing both batteries for long term storage exceeding 6 months. Always store the bike and batteries in cool, dry places away from direct sunlight or moisture, as high temperatures can shorten the battery life and cause damage. Keep away from other electrical components and metals to prevent short circuiting. When batteries are stored independently, it's always best to cover battery terminals. When storing batteries long term, charge them between 40-45% of their capacity to help prevent over-discharge, which can damage the batteries. Keep away from children and animals as batteries do contain toxic chemicals.

6-Month Recommended Maintenance Plan: New eBikes purchased from American Bike Patrol Services automatically come with our low-cost, on-site maintenance within our service area. ABPS does not cover worn out parts or components caused by normal wear and tear. Older bikes may need replacement parts not covered under service agreements, however, labor would be included at no extra charge (with service agreements). A pickup/delivery charge will apply if bikes are not covered under a service agreement. Keeping bikes clean prior to service helps prevent the need for maintenance of exposed components. National fleet maintenance is available with large ATR 528 eBike fleets. ABPS recommends preventive maintenance every 6 months with normal eBike usage.

CA POST Certified eBike Classes: The ATR 528 is classified as a class 3 eBike. Due to the increased power and speeds eBikes offer, we strongly suggest getting your officers eBike certified through our California POST Certified training program. This also applies to officers who have little to no (recent) experience riding an eBike/bike. Proper training can ensure your officers have the essential skills and knowledge needed to utilize an eBike safely and effectively. For any questions regarding training, visit our training pages to learn more. 
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