Why Choose Bike Patrol?

Why Choose Bike Patrol?

Why Bike Patrol?

Bike patrols have been around in many forms since the turn of the century. In January 1896, a driver in his horseless buggy was cited for going 8 mph in a 2 mph zone by a Kent Police Department bike patrol officer. Within a few years, several dozen agencies had bike patrol programs in rural areas. 

Fast forward to the present, bike patrol units offer a cost effective way to still enforce the law. See the chart below for some of the top reasons! 


The cost of owning one police or security patrol bike, including training and maintenance cost anywhere between $1,725-$2,775. So even at an average of $2,500 per bike, a police or security department can put a team of about 15 to 20 officers on bikes for the price of one patrol unit. This way, departments have more people out in the field to better protect and serve the community.

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