At the cutting edge of modern law enforcement, we are excited to introduce you to our brand new eBike Patrol Training Facility. We offer CALIFORNIA POST CERTIFIED training for modern electric bikes, or eBikes. A relatively new implementation into bike patrol units, eBikes can be an invaluable asset to your department, offering increased speed and ease of mobility while improving officer efficiency and performance. Above all, as urban environments evolve and community policing takes on new dimensions, eBikes have emerged as a versatile and sustainable tool to help officers engage with their communities. Our training facility is designed to equip law enforcement personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively utilize these skills for real-life applications.

We offer CALIFORNIA POST CERTIFIED training for modern electric bikes, or eBikes.

This is an eight-hour eBike patrol course that will cover the basic skills, riding, and safety tactics needed for a student to utilize an eBike as an important tool for all patrol applications. The goal of this course is to instill essential eBike knowledge and skills that students will use to safely and effectively perform their duties at the highest level. Individuals are recommended to be in good physical shape, have prior riding experience, and arrive in uniform if possible (comfortable clothing suited for training is highly recommended). Onsite mechanics, instructors, and a follow vehicle will be present during the entire course to provide additional repairs, assistance, and safety if needed. Lunch, snacks, and drinks are provided free of charge for all students.

The classroom portion of our in-depth eBike course will cover the following:

  • Course objectives and overview
  • Operational overview of State laws and governing bodies
  • eBike review and eBike class types
  • Safety on the road / safety equipment
  • Maintenance ABCE Quick Check™
  • Riding techniques
  • Weight distribution and control
  • Riding in traffic
  • Simulated scenarios / interactions
  • Written pre-test

Our hands-on portion of the class will get students on their eBikes to learn the following:

  • Slow maneuvers and steering
  • Balancing, pedaling, and shifting
  • Descending and ascending stairs
  • Emergency braking
  • Curb hopping and lofting
  • Mounting and dismounting techniques
  • Subject approach

The review portion of the course will cover the following:

  • Riding remediation
  • Final testing


Our facility boasts diverse simulation zones that replicate real-world scenarios officers might encounter while on patrol. From crowded urban streets and busy parks to heavy traffic and off-road trails, officers will gain the hands-on experience and knowledge needed to navigate and traverse these diverse terrains.


A critical component of electric bike patrol is understanding the technology behind the bikes. Our POST certified eBike patrol course provides officers with a comprehensive understanding of eBike operations, safety riding, and applications, ensuring proper use in patrol situations.

Police eBike Training on the ATR 528 Police eBike


  • Pedal assistance
  • Faster speeds and response times
  • Longer distance in shorter times
  • Effortless riding on hills
  • Improved officer efficiency


Bike patrol has been an important element of policing since the late 1800s for the simple reason that it works. The modern adaptation of eBikes in bike patrol takes the basic tenets of bike patrol and adds its own set of unique advantages.

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A major advantage of eBikes are how much lower the up-front and maintenance costs are compared to other options. Patrol eBikes generally fall in the $3,000 - $5,000 price range, which is substantially more affordable than the price of new patrol cars. eBikes cost less and are quicker to repair than patrol cars, saving agencies up to $7,000 a year on maintenance alone.

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eBike patrol offers the unique benefit of being less threatening to the public while maintaining the respect and professionalism associated with police. The quality of being more approachable allows eBike patrol officers the chance for greater outreach in their communities, as there is often less stigma and fear around eBike patrol officers than the flashing lights of patrol cars.

Eco Friendly Guarantee Logo

Our eBikes produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air pollution and improving overall air quality in urban areas. This is in stark contrast to patrol cars. They require minimal electricity to charge, which can often be sourced from renewable energy, further reducing their carbon footprint. Moreover, eBikes are quieter than patrol cars, reducing noise pollution in communities.

Increased Stealth Logo

eBike patrol offers the distinct safety advantage of being much more stealthy than patrol cars, because someone committing a crime is much less likely to notice/lookout for an officer on an eBike. This gives departments that use eBike patrol a greater advantage when it comes to noticing a crime in progress and preventing it from escalating, which, in turn, makes their communities safer for everyone to enjoy.

Group Photo of the ATR 528 Police eBikes


One of the primary benefits of bike patrol is that it allows officers to reach areas not accessible by cars, such as plazas, college campuses, and other confined areas within a city.

Bike patrol officers are generally considered more approachable than their counterparts in patrol cars.
Bike patrol places officers in the heart of their communities, facilitating more chances to have positive interactions with residents.
Bike patrol offers a greater chance to prevent crime due to the stealth factor offered by a bike versus a patrol car.
A police bicycle allows officers to use their senses of sight, smell, and hearing to a greater degree, allowing more opportunities to witness crime.
Even though eBikes assist with pedaling, they are still a great way to keep your officers in shape on the job.


At American Bike Patrol Services, we’ve been a leader in police eBike patrol services since the early 1990s. We are proud to provide law enforcement officers and security agencies with everything they need for eBike patrol.

  • Training courses
  • 24/7 on-site bike maintenance in the Southern California area
  • Online store fully stocked with bike patrol products

Our eBike courses will teach your officers everything they need to know in order to safely and effectively learn eBike patrol techniques. Our eBike course is taught by POST (Police Officer Standards and Training) certified instructors who have been involved with eBike patrol since its inception in California. Our eBike patrol training course is tailored specifically for law enforcement and public safety. Although we’re based in Southern California, we can conduct training anywhere in the country for your department.

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Police Officers Patrolling a Crowded Beach on the ATR 528 Police eBike