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One-of-a-Kind Police eBike Patrol Courses

We offer training for modern electric bikes, or eBikes. A relatively new implementation into bike patrol units, eBikes can be an invaluable asset to your department, offering increased speed and ease of mobility. Take your department into the future with our eBike training course!
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Advantages of eBikes Over Traditional Bikes

  • • Pedal assistance
  • • Faster speeds
  • • Longer distances in a shorter time
  • • Effortless riding on hills
  • • Improved fitness
  • Add eBike Patrol To Your Department’s Capabilities

    At American Bike Patrol Services, we’ve been a leader in police bike patrol services since the early 1990s. We are proud to provide law enforcement officers and security agencies with everything they need for bike patrol — training courses, 24/7 on-site bike maintenance in the Los Angeles area, and an online store fully stocked with bike patrol products. Similar in structure to our other courses such as police bike patrol training, our eBike courses teach your team members everything they need to know in order to safely and effectively learn eBike patrol techniques. As with all of our courses, our eBike course is taught by P.O.S.T. (Police Officer Standards and Training) certified instructors who have been involved with bike patrol in Southern California since its inception in the area. Each of our bike patrol training courses is tailored to your department and your officer’s personalized needs. Although we’re based in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and Southern California, we are also willing to work with you and your department to schedule on-site training in other locations. Contact us with any questions, and to get started with police eBike training or another type of training for your department.
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    Why Choose eBikes For Your Department?

    First of all, what are eBikes, and what advantages do they offer over the traditional police bicycle? At first glance, modern police eBikes from brands such as Samson and OHM appear visually similar to standard pedal bicycles. The difference lies in the motorized system which can operate from a throttle, or often a pedal assist system — meaning the motor kicks in as the rider pedals the bike, increasing in speed as the rider increases their pedaling. With this type of eBike, your officers still experience the physical benefits of riding a bike, but at a higher level of efficiency when it comes to speed and energy expended.

    Bike patrol has been involved in policing since the late 1800s for the simple reasons that it works, and it offers capabilities different from those of beat officers and patrol cars. The modern adaptation of eBikes in bike patrol takes the basic tenets of bike patrol and adds its own set of unique advantages, such as:

    eBikes Offer The Same Benefits As Traditional Bikes

    Access to more areas — one the primary benefits of bike patrol is that it allows officers to reach areas not accessible by cars, such as plazas, college campuses, and other confined areas within a city

    Less threatening — bike patrol officers are generally considered more approachable than their counterparts in patrol cars

    Improved community outreach — bike patrol places officers in the heart of their communities, facilitating more chances to have positive interactions with residents

    Greater stealth — bike patrol offers a greater chance to prevent crime due to the stealth factor offered by a bike versus a patrol car

    Use of all the senses — a police bicycle allows officers to use their senses of sight, smell, and hearing to a greater degree, allowing more opportunities to witness crime

    Health benefits — even though eBikes assist with pedaling, they are still a great way to keep your officers in shape on the job

    Course Overview

    This is a basic skills, riding, and safety class designed for eBike use on patrol. Individuals should be in good physical shape and have successfully completed a basic bike patrol course before. Officers are asked to wear comfortable clothing suited for training (uniforms are highly recommended). The goal of this course is to ensure that students know how to safely utilize their eBike, minimizing harm to those around them and themselves, while being able to safely engage with the community. We do not teach tactical or combative elements.


    Class objectives and overview Course briefing, operational overview State laws and governing bodies Pre-testing and materials introduction eBike review and class types


    Riding techniques Safety on the road and safety equipment review Extra weight distribution and control Maintenance ABCE Quick Check™ Traffic riding Throttling/guiding Scenario/Interactions Cone patterns

    Patrol Techniques

    Slow maneuvers and steering Balancing, pedaling, and shifting Descending and ascending stairs Emergency braking Curb hopping and lofting Mounting and dismounting techniques Subject approach

    Final Review

    Riding remediation Evaluations Testing and eBike patrol policies review Design specifics overview

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    eBike Patrol — Online Store and 24/7 Bike Maintenance

    In addition to our bike patrol training courses, we have the ability to completely outfit your department and your bike patrol equipment needs. Whether that is standard patrol bikes or eBikes, replacement bike parts, or apparel for your department, we can supply it from our online store.

    Additionally, if you’re in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, our team of certified bike maintenance technicians can come to you to handle your bike patrol repair needs. At American Bike Patrol Services, our goal is to provide everything you and your department needs for bike patrol training, at every step of the way — buying equipment, training officers, and maintaining your fleet of bikes.
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    American Bike Patrols Services is proud to be a leader in bike patrol in Southern California and beyond. We offer a one-stop shop for all your bike patrols needs, and we can provide certified, professional training to your police department or security agency. We can provide bike patrol training to fit your department’s needs, whether that’s security, police, Trikke, or eBike training. Contact our qualified team today with any questions, and to get started on training your department.
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