Bike Patrol Team training in Downtown LA.

Advantages of Bike Patrol

When we think of police and policing, it's fair to say most of us think blue uniforms and cop cars. Police on bicycles is not new concept at all, but its advantages often get overlooked. There's so many advantages of Bike Patrol and since it's our specialty, let's break it down. 



  • The initial cost for a decent-quality patrol bicycle ranges from $999 - $2,000. Maintenance on a bicycle is easier to maintain compared to cars. Cars need oil changes, tire rotations, and engine tune-ups, whereas bicycles only need a decent set of tools and occasional maintenance to keep them running smoothly.
  • A regularly scheduled maintenance plan can help your bicycle fleet perform optimally and save you hundreds or even thousands in the long term. Contact Us for more information about our mobile bicycle maintenance plans.
  • Parking and storage are hassle-free. Patrol vehicles take time and space to find parking, but a bicycle can be parked anywhere at any time and has flexible storage options.
  • Your bike patrol officers can receive health benefits from their physical exertion during bike patrol, which over time, could lower healthcare costs.
  • With the world leaning towards more eco-friendly and community-driven transportation, a patrol bike can help continue that trend due to its lack of unhealthy/toxic emissions.
  • Cars depreciate as soon as you drive them off the lot, but bikes can hold their value over time. Well-maintained bikes can last for many years, and if you decide to downsize or sell your patrol bike, you can often recoup a significant portion of your initial investment.


Due to their smaller, more stealthy profile, bicycles can fit and maneuver in areas that traditional patrol vehicles couldn't. Some of these areas include small alleyways, downstairs, through crowded urban areas, narrow pathways, parks, and other areas where vehicles might not be able to reach. In addition, bike patrol officers naturally keep a smaller, less obvious profile than your traditional law enforcement vehicle, allowing them to be less noticeable to potential suspects or persons of interest.


The novelty of a police officer on a bike is often enough to start overcoming the negative perceptions that some members of a culturally diverse campus population have about law enforcement. Officers on bicycles are often perceived as more approachable and less intimidating compared to those in patrol cars. The physical presence of a bicycle and the lack of barriers (such as tinted windows) can make officers seem more approachable and friendly, encouraging more public engagement. This increased visibility not only deters potential criminal activity but also encourages members of the public to seek out officers when needed.


Bike patrol places officers in the heart of their communities, facilitating more chances to have positive relationships with residents. These interactions are often associated with community policing initiatives, where officers aim to build trust and positive relationships with the communities they serve. The visibility of officers on bicycles fosters a sense of security and can encourage residents to approach them with concerns, questions, or information.

Other Advantages

While they're essential for community policing initiatives, bike patrol units can also be integrated into a wide range of other operations. Targeted enforcement, surveillance, traffic enforcement, and public order are just a few ways that a bike patrol unit can be utilized. Officers on bicycles can quickly respond to incidents and calls for service while covering a larger area than traditional foot patrols. This flexibility allows them to interact with more people and address a wider range of issues within their patrol area which is great in building community. For more info feel free to contact us

All-in-all Bike Patrol and having a bike patrol unit is cost effective (especially for small departments), promotes great community interaction, and adds an edge in patrolling while saving money over time. To learn more about bike patrol services please call us or email us. Visit out bike patrol and ebike patrol page to learn more.

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